Welfare Complex

The area of Mawa Rarrah was in desperate need of a medical facility which could be a first point of call for patients requiring care, especially at short notice in an emergency without having to travel long distances. The Welfare Complex has provided this much needed local resource and has become an invaluable part of the healthcare system. Working alongside ‘Healthcare 4 All’ IWS has been able to
implement a local healthcare system which is easily accessible to all. Patients are able to call a nurse to their home for a check-up, the nurse is then able to diagnose the correct treatment e.g medication or further investigation at the Welfare Complex. If the patient requires further investigation, then s/he is transported to the Welfare Complex by an ambulance service provided by IWS.
The Welfare Complex building itself and the land in which it stands has been part donated and part funded by the public. The building therefore belongs to IWS but it is our intention to work alongside the Government of Azad Kashmir to get the support and help we need to further enhance services to the community. A major contributor to the success of the Welfare Complex is ‘Health Care 4 All’, another
charity which shares our determination, to provide equal access to healthcare. Working alongside ‘Health Care 4 All’ we have been able to register the residents of the surrounding areas onto a database; this database of patients’ health records makes future treatment of patients more efficient and tailored to their specific needs.

Services for the Deceased
The Welfare Complex is also used as a cold room to store deceased bodies and to wash and prepare them for burial. This is a very important facility provided by IWS as the area of Azad Kashmir is of a hot climate most year around and bodies need to be transferred to a safe place for them to be prepared and for the burial to take place as quickly as possible, an important social and religious requirement. IWS also uses its ambulance for this service.

Medical Training
The system implemented by the Welfare Complex has been recognised internationally and due to its success the system is currently being implemented by another hospital in Azad Kashmir. The Welfare Complex has dedicated one floor to this project and has set up a training centre for nurses to train to use the system.

Education Centre
The basement level of the Welfare Complex is dedicated to Education. Here we have a Tuition Centre with a Computer Lab accessible to students. There is also a large hall which is used for educational purposes such as lectures and meetings.

Since 1997 IWS has helped the poor and orphaned children to continue with their studies by providing tuition fees, uniforms, books and stationary, and transport. We found that a major factor which determined whether female students would continue their studies was mode of transport and distance to school. IWS tackled these issues by providing private transport for female students and a local High
IWS provides continuous maintenance work in the local schools, we work hard to ensure the school teachers are of a high standard and that their requirements are met. Although the teachers are provided by the Government of Azad Kashmir we continue to support the teachers with all aspects of the school such as providing water facilities, furniture etc.
The students of Mawa and Rarrah are doing extremely well in their studies and are competing at national levels. We are extremely proud of our students and believe they are the future of Kashmir.
IWS endeavours to assist the locals with any welfare issues they may have. We found that families that were struggling financially found it impossible to fulfil their duties such as carrying out a nikkah ceremony for their family members. As this is a religious obligation IWS provides financial assistance to families which need it.

Future Projects

Maternity ward
This is something which is very important to IWS and we are currently working on providing a Maternity Ward in the Welfare Complex. Currently there is no such facility so women are left with no other option but to travel to the hospital in the nearby town which can cause trauma for both mother and baby. We hope to resolve this issue and consequently reduce any health complications which may arise from  this.

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