Since 1997 IWS has helped poor and orphaned children to gain access to education whilst also providing easy access for those financially able. We found that a major factor which determined whether female students would continue their studies was mode of transport and distance to school. IWS tackled these issues by providing private transport for female students and a local High school. 

Currently we are working in 15 Government schools to provide teachers, transport, maintenance including clean water and tube wells, uniforms, books and stationary.  We are committed to changing the attitude towards education and Alhamdulillah the students of Mawa Rarrah are performing very well and are continuing their studies to University Level. 

The basement level of the Welfare Complex is dedicated to Education. Here we have a Tuition Centre with a Computer Lab accessible to students. There is also a large hall which is used for educational purposes such as lectures and meetings.

We believe our students are the future of Kashmir!