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IWS was founded in 1997 by Maulana Mohammad Ahmed in an effort to promote health, welfare and education in the rural areas of Azad Kashmir. These communities were lacking in basic educational and health facilities, and access to facilities were dependent on one’s financial status. Following the efforts of IWS and it’s generous volunteers and donors there has been an increase in access to education and healthcare for all members of society especially the poor.

We have implemented a system which provides free education and healthcare to the poor. By increasing access to these facilities we have been able to change mindsets about socially accepted norms, in particular around the benefits of education and education for females which is one the most rewarding aspects of our journey so far. Of course, all of this has taken many years to achieve as it’s not easy to change established norms within any society however we are pleased to say with Gods grace, the generous public have donated and continued to support us along the way.

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